Vogue goes photo free for the planet

This article originally featured in The Skylark’s newsletter and was written as a condensed news in brief.

Italian Vogue Editor Emanuelee Farneti has highlighted the significant environmental impact of fashion photoshoots. To produce just eight features for a the September 2019 edition, Farneti said 150 people had to take 20 flights and dozens of trains, make 60 international deliveries and run gasoline generators to power lights for 10 hours non-stop. In addition, catering services were required, clothes were wrapped in plastic and endless electrical devices needed constant charging. The January 2020 edition has swapped photographs for illustrations, utilising the skills of multiple artists featuring “real women”. Artists contributing to the special edition include Yoshitaka Amano, described as “one of Japan’s finest fantasy artists”, and “veteran erotic comic book artist” Milo Manara. How Vogue expects to tackle it’s environmental footprint in the future is not clear, but it is thought that this is the first time the magazine has never included a photograph.

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