Soft drink giants sued for ocean plastic waste and lying about recycling

This article originally featured in The Skylark’s newsletter and was written as a condensed news in brief.

Coke, Pepsi and several other big plastic polluters are being sued for allegedly lying about their products’ recyclability.

The Earth Island Institute, a Californian based environmental group, is also blaming the companies for the considerable amount of plastic waste entering the oceans every day. They claim that much of the 8 to 20 million tonnes of plastic that enter the seas each year can be traced back to these few polluters.

The lawsuit demands that Coke, Pepsi and other polluting brands not only pay to clean up the waste they create but to change the labelling on their plastic bottles. These claims are similar to previous files brought against big tobacco companies: that they are knowingly contributing to public harm whilst systematically lying about it.

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