Shy narwhal’s call finally recorded

This article originally featured in The Skylark’s newsletter and was written as a condensed news in brief.

The narwhal is a strange, almost mythical creature due to its shape, famously long single horn and elusive behaviour. Timid and afraid of large noises, they flee at the sound of motorboats and are very difficult to get close to.

Until recently, their underwater calls, clicks and sounds had never really been heard properly as researchers struggled to get close enough. However, a team of scientists were able to get within 82 feet of a group of narwhals swimming in the fjords of Greenland. By using small Inuit style boats the team was able to record the soundscape of narwhals as they communicated and searched for food.

The research has already shone more light on these skittish animals, proving that they hunt for food in the summer and swim far closer to glaciers than previous thought.

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