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Be on the winning side of history

Let’s be frank, charities pick up where governments fail. Whether there is a need for a charity – homelessness, child poverty, social care, environmental protection – it is because the government has not acted to prevent these issues arising.

When it comes to the environment, charities cover the full spectrum of crises facing people and planet alike. Sometimes they operate in some of the most dangerous and hostile places on the planet, putting themselves at risk for the benefit of others.

Supporting a charity is a valuable and worthwhile thing to do and there are no shortage of charities you can help. If you want to go beyond your own front door when it comes to acting on the climate and ecological emergency, charities could be it.


Most charities rely on regular donations from ordinary people off the street. Though some may have wealthy benefactors and corporate supporters, many don’t. Regular donations are a lifeline for charities, allowing them to properly plan ahead month after month and therefore ensure delivery of their objectives.

All charities should be open and transparent about how they spend their money. All should provide you with at least a rough breakdown or expenditure and, if not, be able to provide you with one.


If you can’t spare the cash maybe you can spare the time. The vast bulk of people who work for charities are actually volunteers. From providing certain skills and professional expertise, to manning the phones and fundraising, there is no limit to what people like you could bring to a charity.

Some charities that operate abroad have specific oversees programmes where you could be at the cutting edge of climate and ecological action, meeting new people, learning new skills and having an immediate impact on the ground.


You may not be in a position to give money or time to your favourite charity – and that’s ok. One thing we can all do is share and communicate the great work our favourite charities do to increase their reach and boost their awareness.

Find and follow your favourite charities across your social media platforms. When you see content that speaks to you, share it with your network. If you don’t share, at least engage. Comments, likes and other forms of engagement help boost posts so that others may see it.

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