We all have a role to play

We stand at a fork in the road. In the wake of Covid-19, governments will be unleashing up to $20 trillion of tax payers’ money into the global economy. If they pursue recovery programmes that invest in renewables and energy efficiency and reject bailing out the fossil fuel industries, we stand a chance of living on a habitable planet. If they don’t, they will be responsible for sending global temperatures soaring past 1.5oC, signalling the collapse of life on Earth.  

This summer, the Arctic experienced temperatures of 38oC. Fires are ripping through Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and California. Greenland’s ice sheet has melted to a point where no amount of snowfall will ever be able to replace its loss. The planet is experiencing its sixth mass extinction. The climate and ecological emergency is here. And the events that are already happening are mere glimmers of a not so distant future of everyone’s hell on Earth.  

And yet, despite being warned of the impacts of delayed action and despite the solutions being readily available, most governments are burying their heads in the sand; relegating the environmental catastrophe as a matter for tomorrow. The vast majority, with no accountability, continue to invest in and subsidise the very industries that are causing this emergency, driven by a false ideological pursuit of short term economic growth.  

We need to pull apart the vast consumption led systems that are driving extinction, creating climate change and putting the burden directly onto those least responsible. But we cannot rely on governments to do this for us. The good news is, it won’t take much to force their hands. The momentum to fight this and unravel decades of rapacious individualism is already here. It just needs a push.  

To give it that push, The Skylark believes people need greater empowerment, purpose and drive. With hope and tangible actions, we believe people can help push that momentum forward at such a rate that the political leverage can be tipped and life on Earth can be saved.  

The Skylark believes the media is key to catalysing that momentum. We believe it must not be passive on the climate and ecological emergency or constrained by a myth of “impartial” and cowardly reporting. All this has managed to do is acclimatise people to something that should, in fact, be headline news every single day.  

There are many approaches to promoting and encouraging action that can help tackle the climate and ecological emergency and all are necessary to reach a global and diverse audience. While fear works well for some people, it causes paralysis in others. While hope might seem too trivial for one, it empowers the next. The Skylark hopes to straddle both approaches and bind them with practical points of action.   

Every single piece of content that we publish will guide you to action. Take what you want from them and make it work for you. It is impossible to be perfect, but you must do something.  

The time has come to show our politicians that we care. We can show it with our consumption patterns. We can show it with our diets. We can show it through our energy supplies. We can show it with our vote. We can show it through protest.  

We have no guarantee of the outcome, but we do have control over our attitude and approach to the challenge.  

Let’s get to work.

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