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Fires were raging through the Amazon rainforest and the Australian bush. The news was filled with images of apocalypse, and yet when we looked around us nothing seemed to change. Everyone watched in horror at the coverage of the devastation, maybe some donated to charities. But most of us continued the same path we had always taken, with little regard to the impact that our individual choices were having on anyone or anything else. 

We felt that coverage of the climate and ecological emergency needed a fresh approach. We launched a newsletter dedicated to shining a fresh light on the environmental movement; highlighting its pioneering solutions and the inspiring people and communities that were working within it.

The newsletter grew, our community became international, and it was apparent that there was an appetite for a different kind of news.

We recognised that most news is passive on the climate and ecological emergency. It leaves readers feeling detached from the situation, making it impossible to link their own behaviours to the crisis. So we turned our focus to exploring how we could empower action.

While we will still highlight solutions; the exciting and jaw dropping initiatives that will transform our world into what it needs to be, our mission is to empower you to act right now. This isn’t because you are the only hope – we need corporations and governments to move fast on this – but because every action now counts. And above all, we want you to feel part of something good; to play your part in history. 

This isn’t about inflicting change or compromise, this is about being better.

Why are we called The Skylark?

Even before the sun comes up the skylark is anxious to be heard. If you find yourself up at dawn in certain parts of the word’s grasslands, farmlands or marshes this is the first bird you will hear.

The skylark continues to sing throughout the day but it is most striking at the hush of dawn; piercing through the black and silent air with one of the most intricate birdsongs in the world.

Unlike other birds that remain sitting on their perches, the skylark is keen to get going; singing their beautiful song while in flight.

The skylark has become associated with all the possibilities of a new day; inspiration, freedom and the banishing of darkness. As a critically threatened species that is being brought back from the brink of extinction with simple solutions, it is also a symbol of hope.

In the UK, its song signals the start of summer; the end of wintry gloom and the prospect of warm and sunny days ahead.

To a Skylark

by William Wordsworth (1805 version)

Up with me! up with me into the clouds!
For thy song, Lark, is strong;
Up with me, up with me into the clouds!
Singing, singing,
With clouds and sky about thee ringing,
Lift me, guide me till I find
That spot which seems so to thy mind!

I have walked through wildernesses dreary
And to-day my heart is weary;
Had I now the wings of a Fairy,
Up to thee would I fly.
There is madness about thee, and joy divine
In that song of thine;
Lift me, guide me high and high
To thy banqueting-Place in the sky.

Joyous as morning
Thou art laughing and scorning;
Thou hast a nest for thy love and thy rest.
And, though little troubled with sloth,
Drunken Lark! thou would’st be loth
To be such a traveler as I.
Happy, happy Liver,
With a soul as strong as a mountain river
Pouring out praise to the Almighty Giver,
Joy and jollity be with us both!

Alas! my journey, rugged and uneven,
Through prickly moors or dusty ways must wind;
But hearing thee, or others of thy kind,
As full of gladness and as free of heaven,
I, with my fate contented, will plod on,
And hope for higher raptures, when life’s day is done.

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