Did my country sign the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature?

76 countries have signed a 10-point pledge to accelerate action to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030.

By signing the pledge, leaders recognise the world is “in a state of planetary emergency” and that “the interdependent crises of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation and climate change – driven in large part by unsustainable production and consumption – require urgent and immediate global action.”

 “Unless halted and reversed with immediate effect, it will cause significant damage to global economic, social and political resilience and stability and will render achieving the Sustainable Development Goals impossible,” it continues.

The pledge comes after a report by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) found that none of the biodiversity targets agreed in 2010, aimed at slowing the sixth mass extinction and protecting the world’s plants and animals, were reached in their entirety.

Countries marked in RED did not sign the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature

Although it is heartening that so many countries signed up to the pledge, over 100 countries decided not to, some of which are critical to achieving these goals. This includes the world’s largest developed economy (US) and world’s largest developing economy (China).

The pledge is a warm up to next year’s delayed Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the nature equivalent to COP26.

Take Action

If your country has not signed, then take action in the following ways:

  • Write to your local, regional and national representatives and demand that they sign up to the Leader’s Pledge. Remember, they work for you.
  • Start a petition to show citizens care and to demand your representatives sign the pledge.
  • Make your voice heard. Use your social media platforms to share this issue and raise your concerns. Get others to join you in this campaign.
  • Take action now. There are things you can do in your community and beyond to help tackle the crisis today – even if your leaders are refusing to do so.
  • Even if your country has signed the pledge, get involved now. The climate and ecological crisis cannot wait for our representatives to take the urgent action required.
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