Open call for volunteer writers

The Skylark in a non-profit digital platform that provides accessible and original perspectives on the climate and biodiversity crisis for a global mainstream audience.

We believe environmental content has been siloed for too long, speaking within an echo chamber full of an already informed and captured audience.

Let’s be honest, environmental news doesn’t appeal to most people. Long articles on often intangible and unrelatable topics can be boring. And the realities and consequences of the climate crisis and mass extinction can be just too depressing to process.

So, we’re doing things a little differently.

If we want to cover a big environmental news story, we ask ourselves, what actually does the audience need to hear and how do we get them to engage with this? Instead of just trying to find a different headline, we look for a different perspective or explore whether it’s better to tell a story through pictures or graphics.

Our agenda is not driving visitors to the website (we’re not interested in making money from advertising) but about helping the greatest number of people understand what the world – and humankind – is facing right now. See treatment example here.

We’re also determined to present this information as simply as possible. This involves cutting to the heart of the matter and helping people see the facts from a new perspective, sometimes quite literally.

And finally, it’s about helping people fall in love with the natural world.

If this interests you, you’re keen to develop your writing portfolio, and you believe that the media is missing something in its coverage of the climate and ecological emergency, we want to hear from you.

Simply submit your pitches to and we’ll get in touch. You do not need to be an experienced writer. We’re more interested in the originality of the story, why you think it works for us and why the world needs to hear it. We can help you craft your article and can even provide copy to your graphics, or graphics to your copy.

Speak to you soon!

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