We all have a role to play

You, the person reading this, are not to blame for the situation we find ourselves in. It’s not your fault that we have until 2030 to prevent runaway climate change or that natural ecosystems, that support all life on Earth, are facing collapse.

But this situation has been caused by human activity. Mining, logging, toxic chemical production, fast fashion, meat farming, industrial fishing – these industries, in the sole pursuit of profit, are undertaking an extermination of the natural world.

You are being conned by corporations selling products and services that are knowingly destroying the planet. You are being lied to by politicians with vested interests who protect their power and status before their electorate. You are being deceived by most of the mainstream media that, under the control of the billionaires who own them, don’t want you to know the truth.

But we can take matters into our own hands and demand better. We deserve clean air, toxic-free lives, nutrient-rich food, healthy collaborative communities and a fairer system of governance.

For all the chaos and devastation that Covid-19 has wreaked on the world, it is offering us a lifeline. This is probably the last opportunity we have to reject the status quo and move forward to a progressive, inclusive, happier, cleaner, purposeful, community-based world that puts nature – which we all rely on – at its core.

We have to seize this moment – all of us – to transform the way we live and the way we buy. This isn’t an us and them: the environmentalists versus the capitalists; the left versus the right; the young versus the old. This is about joining the fight to save our home.

Explore the icons to discover hundreds of ways that you can be part of the greatest and last opportunity to transform our world.

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